Westport Wash & Wax is better for the environment

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Washing your Car at Westport Wash & Wax is better for the environment than washing the car in the driveway.

When you wash your car in your driveway, water use is inefficient and everything washed off the car (including oil & gasoline residues, tars, brake dust, to name a few) drains directly into the groundwater or storm sewers.  It is literally “Onto the Ground and Into the Sound” with every home car wash.  In fact, some larger cities in Europe and Asia have actually banned the washing of cars in the street in order to reduce contaminant runoff into the storm sewers.

In contrast, when you have your car washed at Westport Wash and Wax, the majority of the water used to wash each car is recycled. Wastewater from the facility is filtered onsite to capture oil residues and particulates for proper disposal before being routed to the sanitary sewer for proper treatment, in compliance with the regulations of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Using recycled wash water not only conserves water, it also actually results in better cleaning action due to the residual soap content and increased “softness” of the recycled water.  At Westport Wash & Wax, recycled water is filtered down to a level of five microns before re-entering the wash system.  All rinse cycles use fresh water in order to ensure wash quality and to refresh the recycled water supply on a constant basis.

By conserving water and handling wastewater properly, you help to protect Long Island Sound and the surrounding environment every time you wash your car at Westport Wash & Wax.

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