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Westport Wash & Wax is better for the environment

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Washing your Car at Westport Wash & Wax is better for the environment than washing the car in the driveway.

When you wash your car in your driveway, water use is inefficient and everything washed off the car (including oil & gasoline residues, tars, brake dust, to name a few) drains directly into the groundwater or storm sewers.  It is literally “Onto the Ground and Into the Sound” with every home car wash.  In fact, some larger cities in Europe and Asia have actually banned the washing of cars in the street in order to reduce contaminant runoff into the storm sewers.

In contrast, when you have your car washed at Westport Wash and Wax, the majority of the water used to wash each car is recycled. Wastewater from the facility is filtered onsite to capture oil residues and particulates for proper disposal before being routed to the sanitary sewer for proper treatment, in compliance with the regulations of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Using recycled wash water not only conserves water, it also actually results in better cleaning action due to the residual soap content and increased “softness” of the recycled water.  At Westport Wash & Wax, recycled water is filtered down to a level of five microns before re-entering the wash system.  All rinse cycles use fresh water in order to ensure wash quality and to refresh the recycled water supply on a constant basis.

By conserving water and handling wastewater properly, you help to protect Long Island Sound and the surrounding environment every time you wash your car at Westport Wash & Wax.

How to keep up the value of your car

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Regular washing and detailing is the most cost-effective way to uphold the value of your vehicle and enhance your driving pleasure.

A clean, well-maintained vehicle will always sell at a premium over less attractive vehicles.  While proper mechanical maintenance is obviously required to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of your car, even a skilled mechanic can’t tell for certain how a car has been maintained.  Virtually any buyer, however, looks at a clean car and can reasonably assume that it has been well-maintained in all respects and is worth more, often thousands of dollars more.  Thus, in order to protect the value of your car (or to reduce lease chargebacks upon return), it is important to wash the car at least every other week and to have it waxed and detailed two or three times a year.

In addition, no matter what you drive, a clean, shiny car is more enjoyable, it says positive things about its owner and by maximizing your driving pleasure it helps to justify the expense of today’s new cars.  Let’s face it, considering the all-in cost of today’s vehicles (purchase/lease cost, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, gas, etc.), regular washing and detailing is a drop in the proverbial bucket.  So after all the costs are tallied, driving it around dirty just doesn’t make any sense.

Belanger PRO 100 is safer & less expensive than hand washes

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The Belanger PRO 100 is not only safer for your car’s finish than hand washing, it is also more thorough, more consistent,faster and less expensive than commercial hand washes.

In addition to being the safest method of washing fine cars, the results produced by the Belanger Pro 100 are more consistent and thorough than hand washing because the machine washes your car the same way every time and doesn’t miss spots like commercial hand washes usually do.  Because the machine performs the work of many laborers in a fraction of the time, Westport Wash & Wax can get you on your way more quickly.  And with less manual labor involved, we can produce better results at a lower cost than commercial hand washes.

Is a car machine wash as gentle as a car hand wash?

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The hand wash format is touted by purveyors as being more gentle and less abrasive than machine washes.  In reality, however, a modern machine wash is more consistent and thorough, gentler and less abrasive than hand washing as demonstrated by multiple industry studies.

Whereas a hand-washing sponge traps particulates that scratch your car’s finish, the rotating sponge cloth used at Westport Wash & Wax spins particulates out and down the drain. One only has to envision a dirty sponge wiping from the grit-laden rocker panels, up the fender and across the hood of your car versus the constantly rinsed, gently reciprocating, top-down action of a good machine to get the point.

In addition, the Belanger PRO 100 machine at Westport Wash & Wax uses high volume, high pressure blasters at the beginning of the wash cycle to remove sand and grit from the sides and rear of the car BEFORE the rotating sponges touch the front, sides and rear of the vehicle.  Our process does not tend to miss areas as hand washing obviously can.  Finally, no matter how good the wash process may be, a lot of the result comes down to how good the crews are at either end of the tunnel.  We’ll put our crew up against anyone, and we’ll win every time, hands down.

Why should I wash my car frequently?

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Washing your car frequently makes good dollars and sense.

Keeping your car clean will preserve its value and will maximize your enjoyment of the vehicle that you spent a lot of money on.  Cars are expensive and like any costly item that you use every day, they require maintenance.   With regular washing and detailing, your car can look like new for years and when it comes time to sell it or return it on lease, you will receive maximum value or minimum penalties if the car has been properly maintained.

Remember, when someone buys a used car, the only things they can see are the cosmetics and the odometer.  While nobody can do anything about the mileage, a clean, shiny car free of dents and dings with an inviting interior look and smell will always sell at a premium to a car that looks worn and abused.  So, to preserve value and enjoy your expensive car to its fullest, regular washing and detailing makes good dollars and sense.